Akshar is Sherwood’s exclusive Pre-Primary Curriculum designed by specialists in the field of 'early childhood development' who understand the unique needs of the children of Nursery, PPI, and PPII.

Pre-Primary schooling at Akshar helps children learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment where learning is fun. It also helps build a robust foundation in reading, writing, art, music, dramatics play, and social interaction.

Akshar has been specially designed so that when these children are ready to go to Class 1, they are better equipped and perform better than others. Akshar helps build strong foundations in reading, writing, hand-eye coordination, music, dance, social interaction, personal habits and hygiene, and other such attributes.


Several scientifically designed
activities have been included in Akshar
including computer-based training in order to get
children accustomed to learning with multimedia. The Akshar staff are specially trained to cater to the natural needs of children of that age. Under their loving and caring supervision, the children develop a bond with the school and look forward to coming to school everyday with great enthusiasm.