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Classroom                                   Chronicles

   August 2021                                                                                              Vol 2  Issue 1

         Dear Parents and Students,

         Welcome back to Classroom Chronicles! We resume this exci�ng pla�orm of crea�ve expression a�er a
         brief hiatus. As always, we hope you are well and are con�nuing to maintain precau�onary measures. The
         pandemic is far from over. The whole country went through a harrowing �me when the 2nd wave struck
         us. We learnt from that experience to not let our guard down, keep a mask on in public spaces, avoid large
         gatherings and get vaccinated at the earliest possible opportunity.

         Our heart goes out to students who were looking forward to the physical re-opening of the school a�er
         their summer break. These young minds have been stuck indoors for the last year and a half with li�le
         room to spread their wings. We miss them as much as they miss their days in the school campus, being able
         to play sports or indulge in ac�vi�es with their classmates. We look forward to the day we will be able to
         open the gates and welcome them back.

         Founder's Day celebra�ons
         For the second year in a row, on the 21st of June, we celebrated Sherwood's Founders Day with a limited
         gathering. We con�nued our annual tradi�on of conduc�ng Havan following which the Director Mr Y.K.
         Gurwara  and  Mrs.Jyo�  Gurwara  blessed  the  teachers  who  had  joined  online.  Post  the  celebra�ons,
         teachers congregated for a day-long zoom session that focussed on sharing learnings, best prac�ces, and
         teaching plans for the upcoming academic year. Online teaching con�nues to be challenging but we are
         incredibly proud of our teachers who have constantly evolved their methodologies and our students who
         have adapted beau�fully to this new normal.

         Founder’s Day 21 June
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